Cobalt 0.5.1

Cobalt 0.5.1 is out :)

This release contains mostly bug fixes for the latest native bars release and some other iOS and Catalog Sample fixes. We added Storyboard support for iOS too!

Check out the full change log here.


Coding party at Kristal’s

Tuesday at Kristal’s office, took place the first Cobalt coding party.

With ten coders and their computers, fed with beers and pizzas, we talked about Cobalt and more globally about hybrid.


Most of the people who came wanted to get started with Cobalt and some wanted to know how they can contribute and what could be done.

This was definitely a good party and we decided to make it happen again next month. Stay tuned and join us on June 7! (meetup link soon)


Cobaltians General Assembly

Last Tuesday, at 6 pm, has been held the Cobaltians constituent General Assembly.

During this meeting, we discussed about the purpose of this non-profit association, which is mainly to promote Cobalt, by organizing events (presentation, codelab, coding party) around hybrid and Cobalt, participating to others and even offering training courses and certifications with Cobalt top contributors.


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Cobalt CLI updated

Cobaltians, our npm package for the Cobalt Command Line Interface, has been updated to 0.1.4.
It brings Node.js v4.2.4 LTS and v5.4.1 Stable support.


We recommend that you first update your node and npm by following these instructions then update your Cobalt CLI by running npm install -g cobaltians again.

A cool side effect of this release is that you can now create a new app from the SideMenu sample too!

Have fun!