Cobalt 0.6 is out !

We are happy to announce that Cobalt 0.6 is out now !

We dropped old platforms

All platforms under 3% of worldwide usage have been dropped : iOS 6 and 7. And all Android versions below 4.1.

We removed the CLI.

It was not ready for production, newcommers had too much problems with it. #139

Javascript file is now a single file

the same file can be used for every platforms now and there is no more to worry about the debugInBrowser boolean anymore.

A very few features around cobalt.conf have been added

  • You can now enable iOS scrollToTop in cobalt.conf
  • You can now set webview background color from cobalt.conf

And a lot of bugfixes

Mainly on the native bars, but not only. You can see the whole release notes

It’s been almost one year since the last release. We will release faster in the future.

Warning : there is some migration steps for Android

You will need to update some methods and your templates. Read more here


A new place to be.

Today, we are launching a blog for Cobalt!

It will empower the community to share news about Cobalt, plugins, tutorials, videos and events.

Here, we will communicate about the major releases of Cobalt and its upcoming features, and more globally about hybrid by sharing tips to create, deploy and maintain great hybrid apps.

We want this place to be open and shared, so we would love to count YOU among our news authors to share your experience with mobile apps, hybrid development and Cobalt usages in the wild and wide apps world.