CLI removed, use GIT :)

We previously had a CLI to quickly build the samples on your local computers.

This CLI was a node package that used the nodegit package to clone the samples. This package was cool on the paper because it contained a version of git inside, so that users don’t have to install it first.

But there was many problems with it :
– Windows and linux users reported problems installing it
– It did not follow node/npm evolutions as fast as needed so frequently needed maintenance on node updates.

We worked on a new version with another package but it is not finished yet. So, because newcomers doesn’t have to be slowed down by a stupid CLI we removed it from the documentation wiki and website.

Testing samples remains simple, just use git to try them out.


Cobalt CLI updated

Cobaltians, our npm package for the Cobalt Command Line Interface, has been updated to 0.1.4.
It brings Node.js v4.2.4 LTS and v5.4.1 Stable support.


We recommend that you first update your node and npm by following these instructions then update your Cobalt CLI by running npm install -g cobaltians again.

A cool side effect of this release is that you can now create a new app from the SideMenu sample too!

Have fun!