Coding party at Kristal’s

Tuesday at Kristal’s office, took place the first Cobalt coding party.

With ten coders and their computers, fed with beers and pizzas, we talked about Cobalt and more globally about hybrid.


Most of the people who came wanted to get started with Cobalt and some wanted to know how they can contribute and what could be done.

This was definitely a good party and we decided to make it happen again next month. Stay tuned and join us on June 7! (meetup link soon)


SideMenu Sample started

Hi everybody,

We wanted to make a little gift for the end of the year.

A lot of people asked us if we can create a SideMenu Sample that uses Cobalt. We were short on time but we started it, and it works!



We had troubles with the CLI and it currently uses a mix of the ‘develop’ and ‘dev-nativeBars’ branches of Cobalt, but you can try it out this way :

  1. ‘git clone’ the sample with the Android or iOS url
  2. run git submodule update --init to retrieve Cobalt and web submodules :
  3. enjoy

We will update this very soon to use the current Cobalt branch and to fix the CLI issues with it.

We hope you enjoyed and wish you a Merry Christmas :)