Next event

The next coding event will occur on 12/12/2017 at 18:30 at Kristal’s.

It is the opportunity for you to find out what is Cobalt, try it, start your app with it, ask for help or contribute by telling us what can be improved or even coding features/fixing bugs :)

We provide some beers to quench thirst and can place a collective pizzas order 😉

Please fill in this form to help us organize the event!

Cobalt coding event photo



Last month, we were at BrestJS for talk and a coding session. The coding session was a 3 hours deep learning of cobalt: sending events, using hybrid controllers with a native part and a Web part, playing with plugins and few more things.

The BrestJS team was very friendly and everybody was well focused. Good work Brest people!





We hope everybody enjoyed the session as much as we did and we will work on enhancing this kind of events before the next one: the BreizhCamp Lab on Thursday 15 April.


Come and chat about Cobalt and mobile

We created a new kind of event for the community to chat about Cobalt and the mobile dev world. A complement of the existing Coding parties, at lunch time, on a monthly basis.

The next “Discuss” event will take place at the Anticipa’s living room on November 21 !


Take a sandwich and join us ! It’s free and open to everyone.

Join us!

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Happy holidays!

Summer is here, we hope you are all enjoying the sun all around the globe.

We captured a rare shot of the feet of a well known Cobaltians, enjoying life on a desert island of Brittany.


Ok, but what comes next?

We have started our coding parties in April and it was really cool. We continue and the next one will happen in September. If you want to be part of it, register now on the Cobalt mailing list!

We hope to release a 0.6 version soon. You can see the work in progress on our Waffle. It is not too late to give a hand, get in touch on twitter or at contact at to join us.

And finally, we will have a stand and distribute goodies at the Devfest Nantes 2016. See you there!


Coding party at Kristal’s

Tuesday at Kristal’s office, took place the first Cobalt coding party.

With ten coders and their computers, fed with beers and pizzas, we talked about Cobalt and more globally about hybrid.


Most of the people who came wanted to get started with Cobalt and some wanted to know how they can contribute and what could be done.

This was definitely a good party and we decided to make it happen again next month. Stay tuned and join us on June 7! (meetup link soon)