What we learned at DevFest Nantes

Two of the Cobalt founders, @Doc1_faux and @ggendre, were at the DevFest Nantes organized by the GDG Nantes.
The most addressed topics were Web frameworks, APIs and Android.
Here is what we learned.


(ed.we originally wanted to go to this event as speakers but our talk was not accepted. Anyway we decided to go, as attendees)

Angular 2

Even if two-way data binding is reduced and more restricted to each component scope, we believe that Angular is still too big to work perfectly on mobile. Projects like Webpack may be the solution if you need to stick with Angular.


What a pretty framework! The components approach of React is quite similar to the BlackBerry 10 QML language. We should definitively give it a try on mobile. If you did, tell us what you think!

React Native is promising and we will keep an eye on it. But unfortunately, they did not unified the native API so you still need to write a dedicated code for each platform.
Google recently launched a similar product called Flutter which may solve this issue.


Ionic does not solve any problem that Cobalt does. Its UI does not comply with Android and iOS guidelines.
For instance, its navigation bar is a raw approximation and the navigation default transition is to slide horizontally which is not the way it should be on Android.

We think Ionic has made a great job for mobile app development access and they are inspiring us for the way they changed the game of mobile development so quick.
But it should be built on top of Cobalt instead of Cordova 😉


This live coding has proved the ease with which Firebase enable developers to create and access online databases and sync them with clients.


We should look into it to think how we could build a Cobalt plugin to allow you to do the same 😉


This event was instructive. We took a bit of inspiration here and there to enhance Cobalt and its usage by developers.
And next year, we will do our best to be behind the desk or to take a booth to meet you.



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