Cobalt, an Open Source hybrid framework for iOS and Android

Native and HTML5, the best of both world!
"Cobalt meets all our expectations. The mix of native and HTML/JS enables a smooth and responsive application with an easier maintenance. This framework seems to have no limits, even advanced features such as the family tree or the feed management which were slow with Phonegap, are fast. As far as we know, there is no better hybrid framework on the market"
Guillaume Languereau
"Cobalt allowed us to quickly prototype our application on iOS and Android. This framework enabled us to share 60 to 70 % of the code between platforms, while keeping some native system features. This made possible to design an application with the look and feel of native apps while keeping the ease of the Web development."
Baptiste Jamin

Why Cobalt?

Change your mind about hybrid!

Cobalt enables you to deploy your identity on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets while complying to each OS guidelines.

Take care of your users!

Thanks to Cobalt, you can now mix Web and native technologies in your apps and their screens as you like.

Mix them easily!

Cobalt reduces about 30% the development time compared to a full-native project for iOS and Android.

Save time and money!

Use and abuse of Cobalt in your mobile apps is free as in speech and free as in beer

Create without constraints!

The Open Source community of Cobalt improves the framework every day, offers new plugins and answer your questions.

Enjoy the community!

Used and approved on applications with wide audience such as BFMTV, RMC, Hellocoton and Famicity.

You too, adopt it!

Core features

Hybrid at your service

Native navigation

Dispay your web pages with native transitions, in the view of your choice.

Native bars

Do not mimic native bars, use the real ones and respect iOS and Android guidelines!
Your users will thank you.

Pure hybrid

Simply send messages between Web and native.
Compose hybrid views as you like.

Many components

Respect platform guidelines with native components:
Pull-To-Refresh, Alerts, Toasts, DatePicker and so on.

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